20 of the Most Unique Baby Girl Names

by Angel Gifts

Each year there is a change in trends. New and modern baby girl names are becoming more popular – 2013 is no exception. In the past babies were named after their parents or other relatives but now we see babies named after places, colours, famous people, seasons and even numbers (Harper Seven!)


Here is our run down of the 20 most modern baby girl names for 2013

1. Arya – made popular by the current TV series Game of Thrones and still high on the list of 2013′s best baby girl names. Arya’s character is a tough girl with a heart and strong family values.

2. India – Cool and composed, this pretty name could be perfect. This name has that ethnic touch that some people love.

3. Olive – a gorgeous name, popular again after a break of a few years.

4. Blue – A colour we associate with boys but also makes a lovely girls name. Singer Beyonce named her daughter Blue Ivy.

5. Xandra – Unusual but cute, very modern and edgy. Many baby names are now much shorter than they used to be.

6. Zuri – Exotic sounding and beautiful. Similar to Suri Cruise, the name of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise’s daughter.

7. Riley – Can be used for both girls and boys.

8. Kali – An Indian name that means bud. A very pretty name that has a hint of mystery.

9. Maya – Also sometimes spelled Miya or Miah. Whichever was you spell or say it, this name is lovely for a little girl.

10. Topaz – A beautiful colour full of subtle hues and a deep shine, now used as a girls name.

11. Jayden – unisex name but very nice for either a boy or girl.

12. Teal – Another colour, simple but pretty. Reminds me of a rich tapestry.

13. Elena – A modern twist on Eleanor and a beautiful town in Bulgaria.

14. Rain – Simple yet pretty and loved by eco-friendly mums and dads.

15. Eve – Old fashioned but enjoying a comeback as a trendy baby girl name.

16. Tia – Short and sweet, definitely rising amongst this years most favoured baby girl names.

17. Faye – Brings forth images of beauty, serenity and peace.

18. Logann – Can be used for both girls and boys, although usually spelled with an extra N for girls.

19. Trinity – A character in The Matrix films, this name is up and coming once again.

20. Zahara – There are not a lot of names beginning with Z, so any that do are unusual and exotic sounding.

Whichever name you choose, be mindful that your baby girl will live with it for a long time. Altering the spelling of a name can make it more exotic and unusual, but can lead to difficulties for others and in later in life.

You don’t always have to go for a modern name, there are many older baby girl names that are still fashionable and always will be – such as Elizabeth, Jennifer, Helen, Sophie and Lucy.

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femmefrugality May 26, 2013 at 2:28 am

I have a pretty weird name. I hated it growing up, but I think it’s getting more popular as more and more people are able to pronounce it right the first time. It’s not the name I dislike, it’s the inconvenience. So when we had kids we picked pretty normal names with pretty normal spellings. I’m sure they’ll find things they dislike about that side of the paradigm, too, though. :p


Angel Gifts May 28, 2013 at 1:42 pm

Aw thanks for your comment. Zoe :)


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