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5 ways to make your child’s christening unforgettable

by Angel Gifts

1. Hire a professional photographer

You can hire a photographer for any event, it doesn’t have to be a wedding. What could be more special than some utterly stunning photos of your baby and all of those who attended?

2. Choose an amazing cake

Choose a cake that really stands out and is the talk of the party! Imagine the anticipation all of your guests will have as they admire your amazing looking cake. Noone will forget how great that cake looked! And tasted! A good cake maker will let you sample their cakes for free before you buy. Don’t be afraid to ask for samples first, or phone up and ask if you can come in to collect some samples.

I have done this myself, and you would be amazed at how glad you will be if you shop around and taste how the quality of different cakes can vary. It’s also a fantastic treat to have lots of free cake to enjoy whilst you make your decision!

3. Hire some entertainment

Depending on your guests and the number of children attending you could hire a children’s entertainer or a magician to keep all the little ones happy during the party. It could even keep a few of the adults entertained too!

If the christening has mostly adults attending then a live musician such as a string quartet, harpist, singer, jazz band, pianist etc. will add a touch of class and instantly warm the atmosphere of the event. A sure way to make your child’s christening day unforgettable!

4. Have some beautiful balloons for decor

Contact a balloon decoration company and choose a lovely colour and design. Noone will forget how gorgeous the room looked, whatever the venue with some fabulous balloons on display!

5. Give all your guests a ‘party bag’ or little thank you gift

A sweet little gift for each guest who attended your child’s special day will be a precious momento for them to take home with them and enjoy after the day.



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