A China Tea Set From The Queen

by Angel Gifts

The list of gifts that the Royal Family and Prime Minister David Cameron have given to the US President Barack Obama over the past few years has just been revealed.

Gifts from the Royal Family have included:

(Images are not real and for artistic purposes only)

A 15-piece china tea set

China Tea Set

 An eagle tapestry

Eagle Tapestry

A dog toy



A Brooch

Gold brooch from the Queen

A red leather-bound volume called “A Selection of Papers From the Royal Archives 1834-1897″

Red book from the queen

Signed photos of the Queen


In total the presents from the Royal Family and Prime Minister to Obama have totalled £4606.

It turns out that the President and his wife receive so many gifts they don’t usually keep them and instead they end up in the US National Archives.

Here is a full archive of all the gifts ever given to Barack Obama including the gift itself and identity of the donator – it’s an interesting and unusual list of presents!

It’s often very difficult to buy for someone who you think has everything they could possibly need. I’m sure many of us have been in that situation when you don’t have any clue what to get.

Thankfully there is never that problem at Angel Gifts as babies are the easiest of all people to shop for, as well as possibly the most enjoyable!

What would you give someone who had everything?

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