Celeb Baby News – Wayne Rooney, JLS Marvin Humes and Jack P Shepherd

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This week in celebrity baby news:

Wayne and Coleen Rooney

Wayne Rooney and his wife Coleen welcomed a new baby into the world on Tuesday. They’ve named him Klay Anthony Rooney. His older brother is called Kai. Both names are similar yet unusual names beginning with K. Read more about why celebrities are matching their baby names in this Guardian article.

Both Wayne and Coleen are active Twitter users and tweeted the news to their millions of followers.


Image courtesy of The Guardian.

Marvin and Rochelle Humes

Another showbiz baby born this week was that of JLS member Marvin Humes and his wife, Saturdays member Rochelle Humes.

Alaia-Mai arrived on Monday morning and Marvin tweeted the news to his followers. Check out a great photo of the new Daddy here. What are the chances of this baby becoming a singer with both her mum and dad being very successful singers in bands? The odds are well in its favour!

marvin-and-rochelle-humes-baby Image by Andy Barnes (FameFlynet)

For more edgy and modern baby girl names check out this recent post on the blog.

Coronation Street’s Jack P Shepard (AKA David Platt)

The 25 year old actor most of us know well as on screen character David Platt, has just announced he and his fiancee, Lauren Shippey are expecting their second baby together.

Yet another avid Twitter used, Jack tweeted the news to his many fans. It will be Jack’s third baby after fathering a child in a one-night stand during 2010. Lucky for him, his wife-to-be forgave him and agreed to get married.

Anyone watching Coronation Street will know that the current storyline for David Platt is he’s expecting a child with his wife that is actually his brother Nicks. Jack P Shepherd’s Twitter followers were quick off the mark to ask of the baby news “is it Nicks?” He did seem to find the Nick jokes funny.


Image courtesy of The Sun

More celebrity baby news next week!

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