Why Pink for Girls and Blue for Boys?

by Angel Gifts

These days it is common practice to dress baby girls in the colour pink and baby boys in blue, but throughout history this has not always been the case.

There are many theories behind the colour/gender combination but if we look into our past we find that it is a pretty recent thing.

In days gone by, most babies wore simple white cotton dresses and garments as they were easily cleaned and could be passed from one child to the next regardless of gender.


Children used to be dressed in plain clothes. Public Domain Photo (Wiki Commons)

When did Things Change?

During the early 1940′s manufacturers had decided that a change was needed. It was then that pink became the colour for girls and blue for boys.

Many fashionable families followed this decision and over the following years it became widely acceptable across the globe that these were the colours our babies should be wearing.

As with most fashion statements what starts with the elite eventually filters down through the classes and can become the ‘norm’ in everyday life.


Baby girl dressed in pink. Public Domain Photo (Pixabay)

Baby fashion has changed many times over the years and advances in the materials used and manufacturing processes mean we have more choice than ever today.

Even when buying baby gifts we still see many babies in blue or pink although ultimately we can choose what our babies wear.

(Personally I love nothing more than dressing my baby girl in pink from head to toe!)


Baby boy in blue. Public Domain photo (Pixabay)

To be honest our babies don’t care what colour they wear, and many children don’t have an opinion on good or bad ‘colours’ unless it is pointed out to them as they grow older.

The trend for blue baby gifts for boys continues as does the opposite, pink baby gifts for girls. As so many people associate the colours with one sex or the other, it is an easy way to let the world know you have a new baby girl or baby boy.

Buying Baby Gifts

We all love to shower babies and young children with gifts, something they can grow up with and cherish when they are older. So take a look at some of my suggestions from Angel Gifts of what you could buy for that precious new arrival or extra special present.

Baby Boy Gifts

Our very own Boy’s Blue Door Stop Teddy Bear – A classic gift from the lovely Juliana range.


Or for something a little more neutral you could go for this delightful Button Corner Photo Frame “My First Year” where you can make a permanent record of baby’s first year.


Other great gifts for baby boys are mementoes and keepsakes that they can look upon in later life. Popular gifts are money boxes, teddy bears or even football strips.

Baby Girl Gifts

Take a look at this pretty Baby Girl Photo Frame by Laura Darrington, perfect for a little princess. This design has unfortunately been discontinued so get yours before they all go. (Currently 3 left in stock). It comes in a beautiful matching gift box.


Always a popular choice is our Pink Bear with Blanket by Button Corner, cute and cuddly just like a baby.


Little girls and even baby girls can be gifted jewellery, trinket boxes, beautiful memory books or in some cases pretty clothing or accessories.

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femmefrugality May 19, 2013 at 2:02 pm

Super interesting! I remember looking at old family photos with my grandmother. There was a baby in the photo wearing a white cotton dress. I assumed it was her aunt. WRONG! Uncle!

Love that photo frame.


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